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The Mother - Issue 18

The Mother - Issue 18

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In this issue of The Mother magazine:

\nHeart and Soul (Editorial) by Veronika Robinson \n \nMy Pregnant Journey by Kathryn Firth \n \nRebirthing and Birth by Lasare \n \nTo Give Light by Kim Cope Tait \n \nHonouring the Breech Choice by Cecil Tamang \n \nNatural Remedies to Turn a Breech by Veronika Robinson \n \nBreech and Unavoidable C-Sections by Emma Lewis \n \nBreech (Innately Intelligent Choice in a Confined Environment) by Dr Rozeela Nand \n \nBreast is Best (Homeopathic Remedies) by Michelle Finlay \n \nThe Sugar Deep-End? (food choices) by Melissa M. Harden \n \nVegan Recipes by Louise Trowbridge \n \nThe Natural Mother ~ Summer by Rachelle Strauss \n \nVaccinations: a Chemical Stew by Joanna Karpasea-Jones \n \nEmbracing a Vegan Lifestyle by Cosibella Cristenas \n \nEco Mother’s Herb Garden \n \nEthical Family (Clothing and Shoes) by Elizabeth Coldwell-Hall \n \nCinderella’s Wonderful Wipes by Star Khechara \n \nLoving Your Mama-Body by Kathleen Furin \n \nThe Present Revolution by Tish Clifford \n \nAsk Naomi ~ Self-Directed Nappy Graduation by  Naomi Aldort \n \nDetoxing Childhood by Richard House \n \nArt of Change: Becoming Parents Again ~ To a Special Needs Puppy by Winnie and Barry Durdant-Hollamby \n \nA budding flower by Shazzie \n \nLife-jackets and Serendipity by Simon Harper \n \nThe Unschooled Child: Learning Maths? You Can Always Count on Dad! by Paul Robinson \n \nLife as an Unschooled Teenager (Introductory Column) by Anna Durdant-Hollamby


JUNO is printed on uncoated FSC paper from responsible sources, and is recyclable and compostable at the end of its life.

Magazines are posted in a paper wrapper which can be reused or recycled.


80 pages, 220x280mm

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